I wanted to share with you a little known paid traffic strategy that I’ve recently learned about.

Some of you seasoned IM’ers may be aware of this method so this post is specifically for you new marketers that my need other ways to generate traffic and build your subscriber list.

Paid marketing is one of the fastest ways to build a laser targeted list of subscribers and start generating quick cash flow.  While SEO on the other hand is also great for generating targeted traffic, let’s face it… it can be slow as cold molases and dang near evasive with the never ending Google updates.  Likewise, PPC (Pay Per Click) is one of the best paid marketing methods, but can drill a leaking hole in your wallet if you’re not careful.

So, if you have a marketing budget to play around with here’s a good way to leverage and integrate the power of SEO and paid advertising while skipping over the PPC learning curve.

Banner advertising… Yes, I know this may be considered an ‘old school’ marketing method but it’s still highly effective, especially when done in the way I’m going to describe here.

So, all you’ll need to begin this traffic strategy is the Google search engine and the Google Adwords keyword tool.

1.) Go to the Google keyword tool and type in a keyword phrase related to your niche.

Google’s keyword tool is going to bring up the specific keyword you entered, as well as several other related keywords.

Here’s an example:


2.) Sift through all the keywords that pop up and sort them by competition (high to low), then by global monthly searches (highest to lowest).


*What you really want to pay attention to is the keywords that have high competition and a high number of monthly searches. These are going to be your money keywords, more on that in a minute.

3.) Select a few keywords and copy and paste them into the Google search engine. Our focus is going to be on the organic search results, more specifically the top 5 results.


These are the websites that are getting a high amount of traffic from those high competition, highly searched keywords.

*When doing this step, steer clear of personalized results.  Be sure to  log out of google/clear cookies/browser etc first and be sure to target the right country’s search results if you’re not currently in it.  Other ways to accomplish this are to use the anonymous browsing feature in your browser, or to do this step from a public computer (library, community center, etc.).

4.) Click on and check out each of the top 5 website results for each keyword you enter into the Google search engine.

*What you’re looking for are any banner ads or advertising space the website might have available.

If they do offer advertising space then do the happy dance!! You’re about to cash in :-)

*Be sure to look for sites that have advertising space ABOVE THE FOLD.  Meaning that your banner ad will be visible to each visitor before they ever scroll down the page.  Banner ads above the fold will increase your CTR.

5.) What you’re going to do next in contact the webmaster and purchase advertising space on their website. The prices will vary depending on the sites individual advertising packages. However they shouldn’t be too pricey.

If the webmaster doesn’t already have advertising packages set up, suggest a monthly rate you’re willing to pay them to place a banner on their website and see if you can work out a deal.

You’ve just got yourself some killer SEO optimized paid advertising on a high traffic website, targeted specifically to a keywords in your niche!

There’s NO CAP to how many different keywords and sites you can do this with!!

What’s so awesome about this paid advertising method is that you can literally wash, rinse, and repeat and do this for HUNDREDS even THOUSANDS of high traffic/high competition keyword phrases in your niche.

WITHOUT the risk of loosing hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in trying to master Google Adwords or PPC.

Take the first month to test out the sites traffic and conversion rate. If you find that it’s profitable, RUN WITH IT!

Once you’ve found a handful of sites that are converting well for you, you can always contact the site owner and see if you can work out some kind of discount deal to keep your banners running.


  • To ensure the accuracy of the amount of monthly traffic that the website you choose gets, you can use sites like Compete.com and enter the URL.  You can also use sites like Quantcast.com to do this as well, but this site may not be as reliable. *Being armed with this information will help out greatly when negotiating advertising on those websites.
  • If you have an affiliate program you can also offer the site owner a cut of each sale instead of a flat fee. This may get you exposure beyond banner ads and get a “featured” placement: if the site makes money from every sale, they are apt to give you a more prominent ad. (This could also lead into doing solo ads with the site owner. Or a getting a spot in their autoresponder series promoting your affiliate offer resulting in passive residual traffic and sales.)
  • Don’t be afraid to contact them if they are already running Google Adsense ads. Google takes a split of their profit on those ads so if you were to ask them what they make from that banner currently, you could still pay them more than that and get the banner space for cheaper than if you were to go directly through Google Adwords.
  • You can also do this exact same strategy when looking for solo ad providers in your niche.

I hope this was helpful and beneficial to those who are looking for additional paid marketing methods.

If you have any questions or need clarification about something within my post, leave a response and let me know.

Also, if you have anything you’d like to contribute or add in regards to this, case study results, etc. I’d love to hear it!

See ya’ round the net!

- Ti Roberts

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Acai Plus Review

Acai Plus Review

I’ll go ahead and start this Acai Plus Review by first stating that this company is without a doubt a legitimate business.

However, I understand that you may be one that would like some further information about Acai Plus like company facts and such so I’ll oblige you.

Just click play now to watch my Acai Plus Review Video:

Now to address those of you who fall into a different category.  This Acai Plus Review is for those of you who are already sold on this business.  The current Acai Plus Distributors (new or seasoned) – oh, and you too, if after watching the above video you’ve decided that you’re ready to join.

Acai Plus Review – Cut Straight To The Point

Obviously part of the reason that you’re partnered with Acai Plus was to make more money.  That’s one of the primary reasons why people join any business opportunity.  If you’re really new to the game then first let me make sure that you actually understand what Acai Plus is. Acai Plus, simply put is what’s called a MLM or Network Marketing business.  The just means that a product or service is being pushed (sold) through a network of people.

Usually, most people make a laundry list of friends, family and associates to attempt to see their new product or service too.  If you’re one that’s been doing that, I have a question… How’s that going for you?  And I’m serious when I ask that.  Not saying there’s anything wrong with building your business that way because it does work, however the reality is that 95% of people that attempt to do that, don’t make any money and fail within their first 6 months to 1 year.

If your one of those people, it’s not too late to make a comeback – or if you’re just getting started, I want you to know if you don’t want to business that way, you absolutely don’t have too.

In fact, I’ve made a video for you explaining just how to avoid the pain of building a business in this way and implement some killer marketing strategies that will beat out 95% of your competition:

Acai Plus is certainly a company that you can do well in.  It’s just a matter of knowing exactly how to position youself for the quickest success.

Click Here Now To Watch A FREE Video Training of How to Effectively Build You Acai Plus Business

Meet you at the top!

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Ti Roberts

Ti Roberts



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Acai Plus Review

Automatic Money System

Automatic Money System

An automatic money system may seem to be some kind of mystical, magical phenomenon to you.

I actually don’t blame you – I really couldn’t say that one truly existed until recently.

Well before I really get into this post, first let me start off by answering your question.  Yes, an automatic money system does indeed exist.  However, don’t think that you’ll be able to just start generating income without putting in some real effort and work.

There are so many people that get into the home based business industry – more specifically the internet marketing industry and they think that just because they’ve joined a specific program or business they’re going to get rich quick – overnight or money will just magically appear into their bank accounts.  Allow me to dispel that myth right now.  It won’t.

You have to be committed to doing the things necessary to really create your own automatic money system and doing it on a proven platform.

In the video below, I go over more specifically about what an automatic money system is and how to effectively put them to work for you:

An automatic money system does indeed exist.  It’s all a matter of making the decision to do the initial processes and implement what is necessary to set up your system properly in order to produce the type of income you’re looking to attain.

Click Here Now To Watch A FREE Video Training Of How To Effectively Set Up A True Automatic Money System

Meet you at the TOP!

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Ti Roberts

Ti Roberts



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Automatic Money System

Focused Marketing

Focused Marketing

Focused Marketing is an important aspect of any business.

There are so many people who get stared in business (whether it be online or offline) and they just start marketing with no real idea of who they want to attract or sell too.

Lack of Focused Marketing actually happens more so in home based businesses than traditional businesses.  This is usually because people in home based business don’t have any real business or marketing training.

Most people will join a weight loss company or vitamin company and be so pumped up and think “Everybody needs this!” and they’ll just go gun hoe and try to sell to any and everybody they see only to discover that no one they talk to wants to buy what they have to offer.

They’ll end up getting discourage and then quitting believing that the business was a scam or something like that.

Well, part of the reason they failed is because they has no Focused Marketing.

You must have a target market to sell too when getting started in business.  Just because you’re selling weight loss products doesn’t mean that every overweight person you come across wants to lose weight.

Ideally you want to focus your marketing on people who are actually looking to buy what it is that you have to offer.  Doing this will allow you to laser focus your marketing message and speak directly to those people in such a way that will compel them to join you or buy your products.

In the video below, I go into further detail about Focused Marketing the best practices to target a responsive market.

Focused Marketing is by far the best way to monetize and optimize your business for success.  It allows you the ability to make more income by solely focusing in on one specific area rather than aimlessly scattering around and casting a wide net full of nothing.

P.S.  To learn how add an extra $1,000/day to your income portfolio by implementing more focused marketing strategies, click here now.

Meet you at the TOP!

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Ti Roberts

Ti Roberts



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Focused Marketing

If you’re reading this Paparazzi Accessories Review, it’s because

Paparazzi Accessories Review

Paparazzi Accessories Review

you’re looking for more information about this company.

You may already be a consultant with them or you may be thinking about joining this business.   Whichever category you fit into, this article will have something specific for you.

In my Paparazzi Accessories Review, I’m going to be going over the company background, the products, and enrollment options as well as speak about some specific details that you may not be aware of.

Paparazzi Accessories Review: Company Background

Paparazzi Accessories was started back in 2010 in Hurricane, Utah.  This is a party plan company that offers low priced hair accessories and jewelry.  Their style of accessories is really trendy and fashionable.  They’re able to keep their prices low and affordable because they buy directly from suppliers.  All the accessories that Paparazzi offers are below $10.00, which is a real steal in my book.

Paparazzi Accessories Review:  Business Model

This business pushes their products through direct selling.  Paparazzi Accessories are usually sold through the home party model.  Consultants hold accessory parties at hostess’s homes and the party host is able to get free accessories as well as get discounts on their purchases.

Paparazzi Accessories Review:  Enrollment Options

To get started as a Paparazzi Consultant you can purchase a starter kit starting at $40.  There are also many other kits to choose from that range from $300 to $2,750.  All of the kits come with several business materials including a jewelry repair kit, sales bags, display hooks, invitations, and receipts just to name a few.

Paparazzi Accessories Review:  Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of Paparazzi Accessories is pretty interesting.  All consultants can earn 45% retail profit of all of their personal sales and 5% to 10% of their team sales up to 3 levels down.

Paparazzi Accessories Review:  Conclusion

In conclusion, Paparazzi Accessories seems to be a pretty reputable and stable company.  If you’re one who loves accessories then this would be a great company for you to join and I’m sure you’d have fun being a part of it.

However, if you’re new to the home based business arena, I want to make sure you understand that in order to make money with Paparazzi you’ll need to know how to properly market yourself and your business.  Although Paparazzi is a legitimate company, your personal success is contingent on your ability to consistently bring in new customers.  If you want to really make some significant income then you’ll also need to know how to build a big team and recruit new consultants to join you.

The easiest way I’ve found to build my business is my utilizing internet marketing methods.  Internet marketing allows me to build my business by simply placing what I have to offer directly in front of people who are looking exactly for what I have to offer.  It’s much easier to sell to people when they’re actually in the mind frame of buying exactly what you have at the very moment they’re ready to buy it.

In the video below, I go into more detail about how to market Paparazzi Accessories using Internet Marketing:

Internet marketing is truly a transformational way to build and market a business.  It will not only allow you to build residual incomes but automatic residual lead flow as well – which is the true life blood of all businesses.

P.S.  To learn how to build your business utalizing Internet Marketing and add an additional $1,000/day in extra income to your portfolio, click here now.

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Meet you at the TOP!

Ti Roberts

Ti Roberts



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Paparazzi Accessories Review

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